Bad Credit – Credit Cards

Bad Credit is something that can come about for a whole number of reasons. Customers can get bad credit from a mis-management of money or missed payments. There is no shame in having a non perfect credit history and things can be put on track as long as you borrow responsibly.

Below are a selection of the credit builder credit cards available to bad credit customers. For full terms and conditions visit the issuers website and check all information before applying.

An overview of each bad credit credit card:

  • Aquis Credit Card – Noted as being one of the best bad credit history credit cards, the Aquis card could help you build a great credit history, thus improving your credit score. Apply for an Aquis Credit Card →
  • Vanquis Credit Card – Looking for a credit card with bad credit? The Vanquis card could help you improve your credit rating and within just 4 months you could have a credit limit of up to £3000. Apply for a Vanquis Credit Card →

What is a Bad Credit Credit Card?
Bad credit credit cards allow people who have had credit issues in the past to start to rebuild their credit history which means that charges, rules and regulations are stricter than those of normal cards.

Advantages of Bad Credit Cards:

– Rebuild poor credit rating while borrowing at a sensible level
– The products are designed for people with less than perfect credit
– Credit limits can be increased over time after proof of repayments

Disadvantages of Bad Credit Cards:

– Expensive – Borrowing is high in relation to other cards to cover the risk of the provider
– Low credit limits – Credit limits can often be £500 or less for a short while
– Not Guaranteed approval – (CCJ and Bankruptcy may impact approval)

Credit cards for bad credit customers carry many benefits but we reccommend that you talk to any poor credit credit card company before applying to check that the solution is the right one for you.If you have any difficulty with payments or bills then seek debt help from citizens advice or other official body.